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SV Landesgruppenausscheidung SV LGA (LG15) 2004


SV LGA (LG15) 2004
Category of event:
SV Landesgruppenausscheidung
Results list name:
SV LGA (LG15) 2004
20.08.2004 - 22.08.2004
Event location:
Judges A:
Judges B:
Judges C:
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Place Dog Dog handler A B C Total Mark  
Inga vom LaabermoosGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Harald Palme  
Chip vom KirchberghofGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Herbert Felix HopplAustria  
Meggi vom ZanderseeGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Heros von der AngerstraßeGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Xaver Dobler  
Dino von der Westernacher FelsburgGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Robert PaulGermany  
Aro von der kleinen BirkeGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Werner SeifGermany  
Pretty vom WaldwinkelGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Lydia PörnerGermany  
Olly vom Haus PixnerGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Eleonore KaszaGermany  
Exe vom HeloGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
W. Keller  
Ory von der SiegertshöheGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Rudolf Grobauer  
Ben von der KlosterauGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Manfred Faber  
Falco vom ToscanerhofGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Horst Högg  
Exe vom Talka MardaGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Hermann Doser  
Hirro vom WeinbergblickGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Helmut HuberGermany  
Junkee von Santa MariaGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Paul HörmannGermany  
Vonni vom PrielbergGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Claudia VolzGermany  
Xaver vom MichelskirchleinGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Paul BockGermany  
Aaron von der KlosterauGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Johannes Gruber  
Bandit vom Basseme BurGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Walter FischerGermany  
Eros vom EichlbrunnGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Dominique Riedl  
Bella am MühlbachuferGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Anouk von der AdeleggGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Silvia MackGermany  
Quest von der MaineicheGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Gerhard pledlGermany  
Uno vom Leipheimer MoorGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Georg Stadler  
Henck vom WeinbergblickGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Mirko DreißigGermany  
Dolce vom GeigenhimmelGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Regina Graf  
Amigo vom HeringsmoorGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Gerhard BrunnerGermany  
Bonnie von der KlosterauGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Roswita Limmer  
Veit vom PrielbergGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Verena Ju Russ  
Junky vom Mühlhamer KellerGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Michael Hopfenspirger  
Pascha aus der Sieben-Keltern-StadtGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Theo Mayer  
Ginger vom KieferngartenGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Christa Killer  
Nanto vom ElfenschloßGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Enrico KRENZERGermany  
Panter vom St. LeonhardGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Ulrich SchäferGermany  
Nina vom Haus PixnerGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Josef GeckGermany  
Hektor vom Talka MardaGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Horst Knoche  
Quincy vom WaldwinkelGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Carsten Massel  
Assi vom HeringsmoorGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Jürgen SchroederGermany  
Zaro de BalsigerGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Artos von der KneippstadtGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Marianne GebauerGermany  
Bull vom Dunklen-SchloßGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Peter RöhleGermany  
Eric vom KapbuschGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Erich KasparGermany  
Akuma von der LorenzstraßeGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Simon und Sabine MuehlhaeuserGermany  
Akki vom WolfbauGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Josef Brem  
Aika vom guten KnechtGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Hermann Hüttl  
Quash vom WaldwinkelGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Roland ZenzGermany  
Hera von Castra ReginaGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Heinz SchydlowskiGermany  
Xandro vom PrielbergGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Christian FritzGermany  
Arko Ni-Busa'sGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Robert Schütz  
Kim vom Pendel BachGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Norbert Schulz (SV)Germany  
Diego vom Staufener SchloßbergGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
K. H. Franz  
Jeckie vom Mühlhamer KellerGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Elvira Hopfenspirger  
Fenja von Altstadener MühleMixed breed
Dieter Schäfer  
Rambo vom Haus PixnerGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Josef Brenner  
Yasko vom RiederlohGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Schiebel HelmutGermany  
Uzo vom WaldwinkelGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Manuela AllgaierGermany  
Aris zum Friedberger SchloßGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Michael HübnerGermany  
Sero von der SiegertshöheGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Dieter BöhmGermany  
Eyk vom MühlweiherGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Gerhard aumannGermany  
Sid vom Haus PixnerGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Elmar mannesGermany  
Chris vom Klebinger SchloßGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Rene EichenbergGermany  
Bronko vom KokeltalGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Robert Koeppl  
Dragon vom Schloss HöchstädtGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Alois BäurleGermany  
Deija vom Talka MardaGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Michaela KnocheGermany  
Texx vom Leipheimer MoorGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Roland ZenzGermany  
Puma vom ZiehbrunnenGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Sebastian Bucher  
Santo am ArgenseeGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Eugen FähndrichGermany  
Gina vom HessensteinGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Christa MörtlGermany  
Raky vom WaldwinkelGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Thomas SchmittGermany  


German Shepherd Dog:
Mixed breed:
Participating dogs:
69 49 20
Oldest dog:
Aaron von der Klosterau (9 Years 1 Month)
Youngest dog:
Puma vom Ziehbrunnen (2 Years 8 Month)