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SV Landesgruppenausscheidung SV LGA (LG06) 2011


SV LGA (LG06) 2011
Category of event:
SV Landesgruppenausscheidung
Results list name:
SV LGA (LG06) 2011
Event location:
Judges A:
Judges B:
Judges C:
Helpers Total:
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Place Dog Dog handler A B C Total Mark  
Karlo vom HeidhofGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Antonius LammersGermany  
Patch vom alten WingertshausGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Jürgen herdesGermany  
Queen vom KlinkenhagenGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Olga TerindeGermany  
India aus WiemelhausenGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Heinz-Peter LudwigGermany  
Mexx vom Mengeder BachGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Andreas BaumgartGermany  
Kathargo von der Salztal-HöheGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Erwin SchmitzGermany  
Polly vom Schloß GymnichGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Carina PorwichGermany  
Leon del Lupo NeroGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Eva DüthornGermany  
Unnikat von den WölfenGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Ines OettinghausGermany  
Pike von der BültenstiegeGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Jana und Daniel KahleGermany  
Asko vom Wilmsberger LandGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Peter KleinertGermany  
Bojar vom BürgereckGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Wolfgang PrauseGermany  
Schröder vom dunklen ZwingerGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Martin RansmannGermany  
Cora von den CaerosenGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Albert WinkelmeyerGermany  
Tequila vom Haus VortkampGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Sonja KleinertGermany  
Oscar del Lupo NeroGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Dennis LukaszykGermany  
Yucon von Haus VeileGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Gabriele BrinkmannGermany  
Jytano von ConnefordeGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Günther RedlichGermany  
Agascha vom Sieben-TeufelsturmGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Siegmar HohnGermany  
Fee vom KälberhofsgartenGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Bloeink PetraGermany  
Ginger vom Grauen TeufelGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
David PohlGermany  
Ulani vom Haus VortkampGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Lydia BronsteringGermany  
Shapur vom Haus VortkampGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Beate VortkampGermany  
Lucy vom HeidhofGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Bettina ScholzGermany  
Pike del Lupo NeroGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Michael ZamzowGermany  
Miles aus dem Westfalen-ZwingerGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Friedhelm AbelsGermany  
Xilli von Haus VeileGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Simone HöpersGermany  
Amon vom PatriotGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Peter krügerGermany  
Hunter vom SchelmenturmGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Ludger & Beate VortkampGermany  
Desaster vom Cap ArkonaGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Elke Wuelker  
Gremlin's BreezaGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Lars JahnelGermany  
Ronny von der EllerbachbrückeGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Siegfried gillhausGermany  
Kinski vom HeidhofGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Hans-Jürgen Kubik  
Caya vom SiegerblutGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Gerhard WenzelGermany  
Uma vom SunnenbrinkGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Vanessa Kölking  
Charly vom Haus LoheGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Dirk KirchnerGermany  
Agon vom Haus LoheGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Heribert Hausmann  
Apali vom Dreilützower SchloßGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Roland Jendritzki  
Alex vom Haus LoheGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Christian Kohl  
Nell del Lupo NeroGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Elke MüllerGermany  
Qash del Lupo NeroGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Daniela WagnerGermany  
Fly von der schwarzen EuleGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Manuela FrieshammerGermany  
Ice vom Moosheider TeichGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Sandra WerthGermany  
Vitus vom Lengener-MeerGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Thomas WilmerGermany  
Pronto von WalshagenGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Agnes BrockhuesGermany  
Olingo vom StruwwelpeterGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Albert WillekeGermany  
Danger von den CaerosenGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Sandra WerthGermany  
Käthe vom KlinkenhagenGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Ernst FeldhausGermany  
Luna vom KlinkenhagenGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Karl ThesingGermany  
Johanna von der SchiffslacheGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Heike HeimeshoffGermany  
Carlo von der InselGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Rebecca AlbersGermany  
Furby vom LubergGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Jürgen LurbieckiGermany  
Finja vom ErdbeerlordGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Yvonne FreheGermany  


Participating dogs:
53 31 22
Oldest dog:
Pike von der Bültenstiege (8 Years 1 Month)
Youngest dog:
Ulani vom Haus Vortkamp (3 Years)