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SV LGA (LG15) 2010 (IPO)


SV LGA (LG15) 2010
Category of event:
SV Landesgruppenausscheidung
Results list name:
SV LGA (LG15) 2010
Results list type:
Event location:
Judges A:
Judges B:
Judges C:
Helpers Total:
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Place Dog Dog handler A B C Total Mark  
Ahab vom RottalblickGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Schimpf Sonja  
Deija von der KlosterauGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Bergmeier Veronika  
Sasko vom WeinbergblickGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Günther SperlGermany  
Kimba vom HessensteinGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Roland Kern  
Bandit vom IsarlandGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Karl KreutnerGermany  
Kim vom Mühlhamer KellerGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Eblmeier Elvira  
Spike von der BildsäuleGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Claudia VolzGermany  
Lion vom GünzbächleGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Hehl Thomas  
Murphy vom KieferngartenGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Friedrich SchreilGermany  
Bonny von der RuhlGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Meier Manfred  
Indie vom SulzbachtalGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Lissy SpeilGermany  
Nicki vom Mühlhamer KellerGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Gerhard Brunner  
Enzo vom WeinbergblickGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Michael MühlbergerGermany  
Brendy von der Salztal-HöheGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Sylvia KolinskiGermany  
Jona vom Haus PixnerGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Franz BachhuberGermany  
Babsy vom BauernlandGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Liane Ehler  
Kim von der wilden NachbarschaftGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Dr. Willi Manglkammer  
Lana vom SulzbachtalGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Angerer Franz  
Gina von der DonauvorstadtGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Zink claudiaGermany  
Kora vom HessensteinGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Günther FreyGermany  
Javir vom Talka MardaGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Michaela KnocheGermany  
Freddy von der KlosterauGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Johannes Gruber  
Hank vom WeinbergblickGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Helmut HuberGermany  
Ylko von der MaineicheGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Gerhard PauliGermany  
Anja vom Wilden HexenhausGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Werner SeifGermany  
Blanka von der Holzinger AuGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Claudia VolzGermany  
Blackie vom Haus PixnerGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Verena Russ  
Groll von LexeGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Michael MüllerGermany  
Xanther vom Haus PürknerGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Eugen GrimmGermany  
El Mariachi vom SchaffeGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Johannes JägerGermany  
Olfi von der Salztal-HöheGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Scheer Andreas  
Aruscha von der SeilschaftGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Renate SchenkerGermany  
Varo vom WeinbergblickGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Wolfgang RußGermany  
Ken vom HessensteinGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Alfred AttenhauserGermany  
Angel vom RäuberhausGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Ernst HessGermany  
Viper von der Salztal-HöheGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Sterr Helmut  
Dixie vom schwarzen TrollGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Sikcez Robert  
Voxi vom WelzbachtalGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Harald MayerGermany  
Xander vom WeinbergblickGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Josef DobnerGermany  
Nena vom Mühlhamer KellerGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Jachmann Christine  
Lizz vom KieferngartenGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Christa Killer  
Ottie vom Haus PixnerGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Margit StögerGermany  
Urmel vom KammbergGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Christian MüllerGermany  
Eik von den BärfallenGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Ralf PaukstadtSwitzerland  
Arco von der HartwieseGerman Shepherd Dog (long-haired)
Peter RöhleGermany  
Nanda vom Haus PixnerGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Lenhard Franz  
Aileen vom FirstwaldGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Sabrina BachschneiderGermany  
Joy vom Haus PixnerGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Andreas FuchsGermany  
Lana vom HessensteinGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Markus WallnerGermany  
Karli vom Leipheimer MoorGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Silvia WinnefeldGermany  
Wasko vom WeinbergblickGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Mirko DreißigGermany  
Warro von der SiegertshöheGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Stephanie GrobauerGermany  
Pirat from KorinthiakosGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Erber Sebastian  
Thekla von der AdeleggGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Weller Schweiger Annelise  
Xanto vom WeinbergblickGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Werner StankaGermany  
Vijayawada vom HammerbachthalGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Uwe Götz  
Hero vom HeloGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Franz Guggemoos  
Aron vom WeinbergblickGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Josef GeckGermany  
Adelheid vom Bonauer WaldGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Wunderlich TobiasGermany  
Xindy vom KammbergGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Andreas Weigl