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SV LG-FCI (LG11) 2000


SV LG-FCI (LG11) 2000
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SV LG-FCI (LG11) 2000
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Judges A:
Judges B:
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Please send us any missing points tables so that we can improve and add to working-dog‘s results service even more. Please make sure that you clearly state where and when the championship took place. If possible, include the names of the judges and helpers. Please remember that we only publish results from championships at national level at the lowest – regional championships are excluded.

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Place Dog Dog handler A B C Total Mark  
Lido vom AntennenbauGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Hans-Jürgen Westernhöfer  
Natz vom LisdorferlandGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Ute Welsch  
Nash vom BelchenGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Käthe ReiterUSA  
Lance von der WilhelmseicheGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Alfred delfingGermany  
Alfa vom GeronimoGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Waldemar Schmeer  
Felix vom KronengriffGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Thomas MaaßGermany  
Quincy vom LisdorferlandGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Alois Engel  
Bessy vom LisdorferlandGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Manfred Kohler  
Hasso vom Haus BlaumeiserGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Guenter Lorch  
Fero vom KronengriffGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Wolfgang schmittGermany  
Melana vom Haus SetterichGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Ewald Wilhelm  
Arko vom TheleyerlandGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Michael MüllerGermany  
Jacko vom KoksbuckelGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Wolfgang Höfle  
Eickos von der FasanerieGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Rudolf Morschett  
Comanche vom ViktoriatälchenGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Jörg Sehn  
Diego vom gelben RühlGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Richard WunnGermany  
Sandra vom AlschbachtalGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Manfred Porten  
Quaid vom LisdorferlandGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Helmut Fontaine  
Cay von der FasanerieGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Norbert Recktenwald  
Bill vom PosthornGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Angela SchmidtGermany  
Cora von dem Schwarzen BlitzGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Johann MüllerGermany  
Iriac vom RuhbachtalGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Reinhold RoschkowskiGermany  
Mungo von der LobachGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Jürgen KleinGermany  
Lasco WestfalensproßGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Bernhard Breunig  
Iloya vom Cap ArkonaGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Franz Gugnon  
Aron vom weißen HirschGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Guiseppe Gambino  
Matsch vom Parchimer LandGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Helmut (hello) GroßGermany  
Dack von SoltauGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Karl Rubly  
Lex vom FleischhackerlochGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Arno Scherer  
Pilot vom BärenfangGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Kurt MausGermany  
Mirko von der unteren SaarGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Harald Cavelius  
Pacco von der FasanerieGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Gert Neubert