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PSK Deutsche Meisterschaft PSK-DM 2011


PSK-DM 2011
Category of event:
PSK Deutsche Meisterschaft
Results list name:
PSK-DM 2011
Event location:
Judges A:
Judges B:
Judges C:
Helpers Total:
Please send us any missing points tables so that we can improve and add to working-dog‘s results service even more. Please make sure that you clearly state where and when the championship took place. If possible, include the names of the judges and helpers. Please remember that we only publish results from championships at national level at the lowest – regional championships are excluded.

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Results list

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Place Dog Dog handler A B C Total Mark  
Brösel von ElberfeldGiant Schnauzer (pure black)
G. Becker  
Carlo von ErmadaGiant Schnauzer (pure black)
Cornelia hermannGermany  
Xambo von ElberfeldGiant Schnauzer (pure black)
Wolfgang Röhner  
Hardliner vom Weseler WaldGiant Schnauzer (pure black)
Hubert HessGermany  
Paula vom RosenbergGiant Schnauzer (pure black)
Harald BehnckeGermany  
Levis von ElberfeldGiant Schnauzer (pure black)
Helmut Ludewig  
Baghira von CartessaGiant Schnauzer (pure black)
Marleen LauGermany  
Harri vom HatzbachtalGiant Schnauzer (pure black)
Dietmar Will  
Cleo vom LindelbrunnGiant Schnauzer (pure black)
Jim MühlenkampGermany  
Arnold vom HatzbachtalGiant Schnauzer (pure black)
Gudrun KobsGermany  
Mac vom DammkrugGiant Schnauzer (pure black)
Monika HinzGermany  
Fletcher von ErmadaGiant Schnauzer (pure black)
Olaf SchwartzGermany  
Cedric vom LindelbrunnGiant Schnauzer (pure black)
Renate HummelGermany  
Uta von ElberfeldGiant Schnauzer (pure black)
Martina MoormannGermany  
Fero von ErmadaGiant Schnauzer (pure black)
Dieter SchraderGermany  
Morris von ElberfeldGiant Schnauzer (pure black)
Ralf-Dietmar Quandt  
Bilbo von ElberfeldGiant Schnauzer (pure black)
Peter TemplinGermany  
Vandamme vom HatzbachtalGiant Schnauzer (pure black)
Thomas FehrGermany  
Craick von der SchönburgGiant Schnauzer (pure black)
Guido SchulzeGermany  
Buc vom HatzbachtalGiant Schnauzer (pure black)
Jürgen Jansen  
Doolittle JanGiant Schnauzer (pure black)
Katrin SteckerGermany  
Berry vom HatzbachtalGiant Schnauzer (pure black)
Holland MichaelGermany  
Porthos vom NordexpressGiant Schnauzer (pure black)
Susanne Martin-SchmittGermany  
Channes vom HatzbachtalGiant Schnauzer (pure black)
Hans Schmidt  
Coco von der HerrenwieseGiant Schnauzer (pure black)
Hanno Hemm Dr.Germany  
Ilko vom KlingsgartenGiant Schnauzer (pure black)
Dietmar SchilleGermany  
Zico von den HaßbergenGiant Schnauzer (pure black)
Martina McGinnisGermany  
Aica vom HatzbachtalGiant Schnauzer (pure black)
Heinrich Spinneker  
Alpha von SchillGiant Schnauzer (pure black)
Monika Heidrich  
Ulan von ElberfeldGiant Schnauzer (pure black)
Lucie AchillesGermany  
Zanto vom HatzbachtalGiant Schnauzer (pure black)
Matthias Blecher  
Flash vom HatzbachtalGiant Schnauzer (pure black)
Angel AlonsoGermany  
Paul vom DammkrugGiant Schnauzer (pure black)
Mario WillGermany  
Dax vom LindelbrunnGiant Schnauzer (pure black)
Helmut Muhs  
Axel von Re Ma ToGiant Schnauzer (pure black)
Regina EbertGermany  


Participating dogs:
35 28 7
Oldest dog:
Harri vom Hatzbachtal (8 Years 7 Month)
Youngest dog:
Flash vom Hatzbachtal (3 Years 4 Month)