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DKBS Hallenmasters Turnier Hallenmasters 2012 Turnier 3 - Agility Large 3


Hallenmasters 2012 Turnier 3
Category of event:
DKBS Hallenmasters Turnier
Results list name:
Agility Large 3
Event location:
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Results list

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Place Dog Dog handler Time Faults Refusals Time faults Total Qualification  
Hightown Black SeabiscuitAustralian Shepherd
Ute Grau  
Flecki CfBrH REG 1480 (Beck)Border Collie
NIcole Schunk  
Birla vom GleibachBelgian Shepherd Dog (Tervueren)
Karin Warkentin  
Pocoita one of a kindAustralian Shepherd
Angela Schaeffer  
Haylee from the narrow laneBorder Collie
Manu WörnerGermany  
Alright Ally of Favourite ChoiceBorder Collie
Martina BinderGermany  
Fruit Loop Maraschwas Golden DreamPoodle (Standard)
Jenny BoednerGermany  
Izzy (Reber) VDH/ZBrH BOC REG 153Border Collie
Christian ReberGermany  
Chaplin of Austrian StarlightBorder Collie
Ralf TräutleinGermany  
Silvermoon vom StutenseeBorder Collie
Sabrina FrieselGermany  
Moptopia's Blue Jean BabyBorder Collie
Isabell BöbelGermany  
Duke (Britta Garve)Mixed breed
Britta GarveGermany  
Brisko (Tamara Mayer)Mixed breed
Tamara MayerGermany  
Autumn Sun Hazel from Thircan's DreamBorder Collie
Susanne NiederGermany  
Vanja vom AnnenhofGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Hans-Albert KleinGermany  
Unbounded Dream von der NeckarburgBorder Collie
Dirk Schambeck  
Esprit von der Burg NassauBelgian Shepherd Dog (Groenendael)
Desiree JonasGermany  
Jolie-Chayenne vom Haus HorrigBelgian Shepherd Dog (Tervueren)
Gitta KramprichGermany  
Hit of little willy willysAustralian Cattledog
Petra Schütz  
Angel of mine mit den flinken PfotenBorder Collie
Marita BaumannGermany  
Catch a Dream with the spirit of the HawkBorder Collie
Nicole Bamberg  
Prima Regina Excellens VivariumBorder Collie
Adriana Bock  
Flaming Heart Of Holly HillBorder Collie
Kevin Pohl  
Lord Of The Borders HopeBorder Collie
Norbert Besser  
Fleece Granting PleasureBorder Collie
Krisztina KabaiGermany  
Big MeggBorder Collie
Susanne HäuselGermany  
Lola (Fachinger)Mixed breed
Thomas FachingerGermany  
Raving Spirit ArtaganBearded Collie
Uwe engertGermany  
Skipper from Carolyn's homeBorder Collie
Svenja KappelGermany  
Malpaso's Quest 4 Black PearlsAustralian Shepherd
Steffi Tenyi  
Tory Malpaso's e. Victory a.K. Australian Shepherd
Axel TombargeGermany  
Quinstan quintessence von der kleinen ArcheBorder Collie
Christina RaabGermany  
Doubtless Lucky with the spirit of the HawkBorder Collie
Stefanie RöckerGermany  
Gipsy von der Burg NeideckGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Gerlinde DoblerGermany  
Brix vom Schwarzwald ParadiesBorder Collie
Ralf BauerGermany  
Taglu vom RehgebirgeBorder Collie
Monika Krause  
Be A Tiger VDH/ZBrH 11828Border Collie
Martina BinderGermany  
Fay vom Thurnhof (ZBrH 10344 / Rink)Border Collie
Claudia Rink  
Brun-Noir's Bizarr DonBelgian Shepherd Dog (Malinois)
Tobias WüstGermany  
Filou (Andrae)Mixed breed
Gaby Andrae  
Ciska vom SaargoldBelgian Shepherd Dog (Tervueren)
Birgit LindemeierGermany  
Mókás Magyar A MorzsiMudi
Miriam GuntrumGermany  
Rosebud of Crana's Just RightAustralian Shepherd
Luca Heinen  
Aika's Mystery Devil Dear LaylaDutch Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Heike WestphalGermany  
Dark Devil from the narrow laneBorder Collie
Nicole KelpenGermany  
Nugget Xeranox Black NuggetLabrador Retriever
Beate Exner  
Smokey (Duarte)Mixed breed
Miriam DuarteGermany  
Muddy Fields Victorias CrossAustralian Shepherd
Sylvia Krebaum  
Rasta van de NiwoDutch Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Tanja SinnerGermany  
Abiahs Engel AylinBorder Collie
Rico HafnerGermany  
Bon Chance my Tie to WildsongAustralian Shepherd
Ute Grau  
Cliff vom Chiemgauer LändchenBorder Collie
Isabell Fiedler  
Heat from the narrow laneBorder Collie
Philipp Müller-SchnickGermany  
Brains'n Beauty UB40Border Collie
Jeremias Simson  
Be a Butterfly with the spirit of the HawkBorder Collie
Stefanie RöckerGermany  
Nell ISDS 292481Border Collie
Christina Straus  
Hubenthals Blue AngelAustralian Shepherd
Jutta Schäffner  
Enie des Pirates de MatraBelgian Shepherd Dog (Malinois)
Christina RaabGermany  
Kara (Erika Schmalfuß)Mixed breed
Erika Schmalfuß  
Emy des Pirates de MatraBelgian Shepherd Dog (Malinois)
Melanie Hentz  
Gianna (Miriam Duarte)Mixed breed
Miriam DuarteGermany  
Hightown Billie JeanAustralian Shepherd
Axel TombargeGermany  
Magic Dreamland Arnie the TerminatorAustralian Shepherd
Stefan KünzelGermany  
Sunday (Susanne Kremer)Border Collie
Susanne KremerGermany  
Wildsong Alaska denaliAustralian Shepherd
Birgit Kantner-Koppe  
Dark Shadow with the spirit of the HawkBorder Collie
Vanessa Walter  
Dazzling Blue Sky with the spirit of the HawkBorder Collie
Annette BeiselGermany  
Hank vom Chiemgauer LändchenBorder Collie
Isabell BöbelGermany  
Page van NikaronBelgian Shepherd Dog (Tervueren)
Mona GrefensteinGermany  
Turbo vom RehgebirgeBorder Collie
Marion Pohl  
Duncan of Goblin's FountainBorder Collie
Thomas Behrendt  
My Zoe vom BeutenhofBorder Collie
CM Mighty BrightAustralian Shepherd
Steffi Tenyi  


Border Collie:
Australian Shepherd:
Belgian Shepherd Dog:
Mixed breed:
German Shepherd Dog:
Participating dogs:
73 32 41
Oldest dog:
Alright Ally of Favourite Choice (10 Years 5 Month)
Youngest dog:
Chaplin of Austrian Starlight (2 Years 1 Month)