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AFS Svenskt Schäfer Mästerskap 2010 (IPO)


AFS Svenskt Schäfer Mästerskap 2010
Category of event:
AFS SSM - Svenskt Schäfer Mästerskap
Results list name:
AFS Svenskt Schäfer Mästerskap 2010
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Judges A:
Judges B:
Judges C:
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Please send us any missing points tables so that we can improve and add to working-dog‘s results service even more. Please make sure that you clearly state where and when the championship took place. If possible, include the names of the judges and helpers. Please remember that we only publish results from championships at national level at the lowest – regional championships are excluded.

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Place Dog Dog handler A B C Total Mark  
Segerviljans BistherGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Bertil Hagvall  
Blixtra vom ScandinawianGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Jimmy SöderbäckSweden  
Divaheden ClaraGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Annika Eklund  
Önnegardens QuintoGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Anne-Marie Franlund  
Waagendorfs MixtraGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Ann-Charlotte Valo  
Thunder Dust's ChanelleGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Anette ElgérusSweden  
Imzedrifts MalteGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Bengt Andersson  
Ziegerkamp BozzGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Christer Wessman  
Bödavindens FerroGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Arja Andersson  
Imzedrift's IndexGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Annika Kristensson  
Imzedrift's NiskaGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Felicia Kristensen  
Mi-Jo CarusoGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Hakan Krumlinde  
Turbaz OnniGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Dan Andersson  
Kvasers FrodeGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Anne-Charlotte Neumann  
Gramanns NeroGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Mikael PetterssonSweden  
Imzedrift's NoggyGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Samuelsson Mathias  
Imzedrifts Matrix MalteGerman Shepherd Dog (short-haired)
Hans Grimmeviken