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ADRK Klubsiegerzuchtschau 41. ADRK Klubsiegerzuchtschau 2011 - Intermediate class (female)


41. ADRK Klubsiegerzuchtschau 2011
Category of event:
ADRK Klubsiegerzuchtschau
Results list name:
Intermediate class (female)
Event location:
Please send us any missing points tables so that we can improve and add to working-dog‘s results service even more. Please make sure that you clearly state where and when the championship took place. If possible, include the names of the judges and helpers. Please remember that we only publish results from championships at national level at the lowest – regional championships are excluded.

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Results list

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Place Result Dog  
Ivi Earl AntoniusRottweiler
Gina vom Hause WenorraRottweiler
Xaira vom NürburgringRottweiler
Alis Zara Cro RottRottweiler
Tamy vom WiengraberRottweiler
Qvintasgardens BlazeRottweiler
Eden de la Chatellenie Saint-AmeRottweiler
Indy vom WachbergRottweiler
Reika (ENCI/LOI 10/68541)Rottweiler
Erin dei Tesori EtruschiRottweiler
Arzadons RoxanneRottweiler
Alweiler GeirlaugRottweiler
Isabel van het FalconsnestRottweiler
Igor van het FalconsnestRottweiler
Eben vom Hause BouhfourRottweiler
Tonka Flash RouseRottweiler
Juventas AnguinusRottweiler
Mercedes Hause KaligulaRottweiler
Fenja van MoserbearRottweiler
Oriana CordisRottweiler
Bella von der Alten FestungRottweiler
Leda Earl AntoniusRottweiler
Sparta Haus of LazicRottweiler
Beatelke IlkaRottweiler
Tayra TriksiRottweiler
Cita vom Alten TrollRottweiler
Jacky vom BruchgrabenRottweiler
Bonita vom Wilden WestenRottweiler
Dutchess de lla Guardia ImperialeRottweiler
Bomba vom Zica MaradonaRottweiler
Cona MiraclerottRottweiler
Björkelunds LorangaRottweiler
Arabella vom PlotzschgrundRottweiler
Heizelwood FighterRottweiler
Incka t'HupkeRottweiler
Erra des Princes d'ArgoneRottweiler
Debby vom Hause SpiegelRottweiler
Alweiler GratRottweiler
Arzadons QuarissaRottweiler
Firah du Domaine la Villa RougeRottweiler
Rianna von KelemenRottweiler
Boa of Royal MusketeersRottweiler
Lorry vom KressbachRottweiler
Francheska from House RotvisRottweiler
Aursza von OderhellenRottweiler


Participating dogs:
45 2 43
Oldest dog:
Cona Miraclerott (2 Years 10 Month)
Youngest dog:
Tamy vom Wiengraber (1 Year 3 Month)