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Hella vom Rottmania‘s data sheetFemale

Hella vom Rottmania
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KCTH B08110092
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KCTH=Kennel Club of Thailand

Results (championship results, tests etc.)
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1st generation 2nd generation 3rd generation
  • Odo vom Fleischer (ROW)
  • 12.12.1999, ADRK 103162

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  • HD +/- ED +/-(ADRK)


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    24/05/2008 4 th Heart Rottweiler Sieger Show 2008 Mr.Somnuek Tondsaipetch 3-6 Months VV1 Petchburi 05/07/2008 Bangkoksieger 2008 Mr.Heon-Cheol Park 3-6 Months VV1&BBIS&BLBB Pet Paradise 21/09/2008 Paradise Sieger 2008 Mr.Thana Achariyawan 6-9 Months VV3 Pet Paradise 26/09/2008 3rd BGCT All Breed Championship Mr.Roberto Tesoro 6-9 Months 1&BPIB&BLBIB&CC.Bitch&BOB&BPIG Central Bangna 27/09/2008 Group 2 Specialty Championship Mr.Kari Jarvinen 6-9 Months 1&BPIB Central Bangna 27/09/2008 4rd BGCT All Breed Championship Mr.Prerapong Pisitwuthinan 6-9 Months 1&BPIB&CC.Bitch Central Bangna 11/10/2008 1st WDCT All Breed Championship Mr.Richard J Baker 6-9 Months 1&BPIB&CC.Bitch&RBPIG The Mall Bangkae 12/10/2008 2nd WDCT All Breed Championship Mr. Chan Sui Kun 6-9 Months 1&BPIB&Best of Winner&CC.Bitch&RBPIG The Mall Bangkae 19/10/2008 24th BKC All Breed Championship Mr.Theo Horschner 9-12 Months 1&BPIB&BLBIB&CC.Bitch&RBPIG Number One Plaza 19/10/2008 25th BKC All Breed Championship Mr.Luo chi - Gwo 9-12 Months 1&BPIB&BLBIB&CC.Bitch Number One Plaza 10/01/2009 Koratsieger 2009 Mr.Toscano Roberto Jugendklasse V1&BLBB Suranaree University 1/02/2009 5th Heart Rottweiler Sieger Show 2009 Mr.Akarathon Arachunaka Jugendklasse V1&5thHRGJS'rin 09 Nakornparthom 7/03/2009 Chiangmaisieger 2009 Mr.Toscano Roberto Jugendklasse V1&CMJ'rin09&BLBB&BLBIS Chiangmai 5/04/2009 1st New Challenge Rottweiler Open Show 2009 Mr.Stanojlovic Nebojsa Jugendklasse V2&BLBB Future Park Bangkae